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In order to join or return to a dispensary, you must bring

A photo ID and your original Doctor's Recommendation

Great start!

A photocopy of your Doctor's Recommendation

Photocopies are not accepted when it comes to Doctor Recommendations

A photo ID and Social Security Card

A Social Security Card is something you should never have to provide. You will need your original Doctor's Recommendation, though.

A California medical marijuana patient can legally possess

As much cannabis as they need to stay healthy

Sorry, there are strict legal limits on legal cannabis possession.

No more than 3 plants or 1 pound of marijuana

Although these numbers might sound nice, they are 100% incorrect.

No more than 6 mature or 12 immature plants and 8 ounces of processed marijuana

You must be wearing your thinking cap!

To purchase or obtain medical marijuana in the state of California, a patient must be at least

21 years old

This age applies to alcohol laws.

25 years old

This age applies to car rentals.

18 years old

Are you always this smart?

Three good rules of thumb when it comes to dispensary etiquette are

Silence your cellphone, don't medicate on premises & bring cash

Yes, you got it! You're ready to be a patient! Just don't forget to tell them Hopegrown sent you...

Share with friends, take lots of pictures & medicate heavily before driving home

Your medicine is for you only, most dispensaries don't like pictures being taken and it is illegal to medicate and drive.

Always use a credit card, buy at least 9oz & ride home with friends

Credit cards aren't usually taken, you can't buy more than 8oz legally and you should travel alone with your cannabis if possible.

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