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Once a Doctor's Recommendation has been obtained and the basic ins and outs of the different medications have been explored, it's on to the final step: obtaining the cannabis medicines. Whether getting the medicine from a brick and mortar dispensary or having it delivered from a mobile service, more often than not the patient will be required to show their photo ID and original Doctor's Recommendation. Much like a birth certificate, the original Doctor's Recommendation is a vital document and most establishments will not accept photocopies. Losing a Recommendation and having to replace it with the physician is often an expensive and time consuming process. Due to it being a single sheet of paper that you will use repeatedly over the course of a year, we at Hopegrown recommend laminating the Recommendation to reduce risk and preserve it as best as possible.



Many first time patients often ask how much medical marijuana they can legally possess at one time. This is an important question because, over the years, those limits have fluctuated greatly. Hopegrown suggests that California patients observe the limits set by SB 420:

No more than 6 mature or 12 immature plants and 8 ounces of processed marijuana.

For most new patients or first-time cannabis users, this is an extreme amount that most people will never see in their lifetime. However, it is important for all patients to stay educated on the current legal limits of medical marijuana possession.


Before venturing off to a collective and returning home with medical marijuana, it's important to take note of some basic rules and etiquette expected of patients at most dispensaries.

Some other basic rules of thumb include:


Whether venturing into a brick and mortar collective or having a delivery service bring you your medicine, remember to have your photo ID and original Recommendation with you and most importantly: ask questions! So often, when we venture into something new, we are afraid of looking stupid or coming across as a "newbie." Don't worry. The world of medical marijuana is a strange and exciting new world and we're discovering new things about this amazing plant everyday. So ask away! The providers listed on are patient-focused businesses and they want nothing more than for you to have a safe and effective experience with cannabis. Many of these collective owners and budtenders have incredible stories of their own of when they first were introduced to cannabis and how it has dramatically changed their life in a positive way. So welcome to the community and let us know if there's anything we can do to make this journey for you one of Better Health and Better Living.