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Recipe: Aunt Sandy's Marijuana-Infused Butter

Cannabutter (butter infused with marijuana) is a great way to add cannabis to any recipe that calls for butter or oil. Try it in your own recipes at home to turn your favorite foods into delicious medicines. This blog reveals the secret to making Aunt Sandy's famous "10x Cannabutter" ...

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DEA eases regulations for federally approved drug derived from cannabis

The DEA notified GW Pharmaceuticals that it no longer considers Epidiolex a controlled substance under the federal Controlled Substance Act. The change is effective immediately. The move means that Epidiolex is still a prescription medication but that doctors who prescribe it do not have to be in the DEA’s drug-monitoring program.

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Vereda para Pacientes Nuevos, Paso 3

Ha obtenido su recomendación médica y ha aprendido un par de cosas sobre la marihuana. Ahora, para encontrar a un proveedor de marihuana, le recomendamos hacer una búsqueda en nuestro sitio de internet y elegir de nuestra lista a uno de los proveedores aprobados por Hopegrown.

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