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Guest Post: Anarchy, Angels and The Almighty Weed

Award-winning author Deb Snyder, PhD, talks about her journey of intuitive parenting and how it led her and her husband to give their seizure-afflicted daughter cannabis oil. (Spoiler Alert: the amazing results converted Dr. Snyder from a cannabis skeptic to a champion of this alternative therapy.)

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The Use of Cannabis in the Treatment of Opiate Addiction

We have a nation of narcotic addicts, mostly from the prescription uses of opiates, and it is spiraling out of control. Oddly enough, the most highly effective method for opiate addicts to safely detox from their addiction involves a substance that the U.S. Government currently considers to be less beneficial than the opiates; Dr. Christopher Rasmussen believes this may be one of marijuana’s best uses to date...

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3-Year-Old Zoey 40 Days Seizure-Free with Cannabis

Zoey is three years old and has been having several types of seizures since she was about three months old. In November of 2013, she was given a diagnosis of Dravet syndrome. Traditional medications were not helping enough so her mother researched alternative treatments and learned of the success other Dravet parents have been experiencing with cannabis oil...

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