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At the Cannabis Supper Club

"The meal was served at a candle-lit long table that had been set up in the center of the room. The 14 guests were there for different reasons. Two were cancer survivors who had used cannabis to help them through chemo. Several were owners and operators of their own marijuana businesses...

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Grow & Harvest: How to Grow Cannabis 101

There are a lot of benefits associated with growing cannabis. The care that you will give to your cannabis plants can’t be compared to the one they will receive when being grown by a marijuana-selling company. Well, if you are tired of purchasing cannabis from dispensaries then you have come to the right place.

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HG Spotlight: Cannabis Evangelist

"A visit to urgent care disappointed as the doctor was a cold fish about my cannabis use for pain, only offering opioids or a steroid injection. Even then, she could not promise the spasms would be gone... Safe access is crucial in getting cannabis medicine to the masses in legal states, but even the best dispensaries need to know about ingesting and providing options for different ailments. Once someone knows the [health] benefits of this plant, they are compelled to share it.

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