Blog posts in November 2018

Cannabis 101: A Q&A with UC San Diego Health’s cannabis experts

It seems like everywhere you turn cannabis or cannabis derivatives can be found. From ingredients in coffee and smoothies to being marketed as medicine, a cannabis craze seems to be sweeping the country. Since 2000, UC San Diego Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research and its affiliated researchers have been studying marijuana and its derivatives, their effects on mind & body and their therapeutic potential. We asked experts to cut through the hyperbole and haze to answer some burning questions.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Cannabis Cuisine

At the beginning of this year cannabis became legal in California. However, this major legislation didn’t come without its fair share of restrictions. We asked cannabis lawyer Hilary Bricken for some information on edibles, cannabis meals and purchasing marijuana-infused products.

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At the Cannabis Supper Club

"The meal was served at a candle-lit long table that had been set up in the center of the room. The 14 guests were there for different reasons. Two were cancer survivors who had used cannabis to help them through chemo. Several were owners and operators of their own marijuana businesses...

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