Blog posts in January 2018

HG Spotlight: Frozen Shoulder

In 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare form of early onset adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder syndrome) which rendered my left shoulder almost completely immovable and caused excruciating pain — particularly at night. This resulted in severe sleep deprivation and associated depression, irritability, loss of focus, and a major loss of work productivity. I had always read about how debilitating chronic, severe pain could be, but really had no clue until I was living with it.

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What Is A Vaporizer?

The differences between a good vaporizer and a bad one come down to things like battery life, size and the type of material you wish to vaporize. Every model is unique and the different brands all have their own backstory and expected quality...

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Undoo Softgels

Sarara Corva and Jimmy Carberry have a long history of educating in the medical cannabis industry. Throughout their journey, Jimmy began looking for what the body naturally produces to come down. This was the beginning of UNDOO Softgels. Undoo is intended to support the body’s natural ability to counteract the euphoric effects of cannabis over-consumption and contains no cannabis.

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