Blog posts in June 2017

Facts About Medical & Recreational Marijuana You Need to Know

There are several protections in place under Proposition 64 that are aimed to support and benefit medical marijuana patients, thereby making their experience different from adult use consumers. For starters, patients that possess a government issued ID card will reap the benefits of skipping the state sales tax when paying for their medicinal cannabis.

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New Rules for Cannabis Testing in California

Earlier this month, California laid out the roadwork to how cannabis will be tested in that state – and what it will be tested for – so that dispensaries will know how they will be regulated. Proponents say this will make the drug safer for those who choose to consume it. Detractors say that some of the tests are unnecessary and will drive up costs.

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When Can I Walk into a Store to Buy Cannabis?

There are now 8 states that specifically permit the recreational use and sale of cannabis. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington paved the way before Election Day, and subsequently on November 8, 2016 California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts joined the ranks when they too voted in favor of the bill that would make marijuana legal across the board.

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