Blog posts in January 2017

Cannabis & Cooking with Aunt Sandy: The Basics

Excerpt from, Aunt Sandy's Medical Marijuana Cookbook. Because marijuana can taste bitter and plant material can be hard to digest, simply adding marijuana plant material to your favorite recipe is not ideal. The taste becomes much more palatable when you draw out the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBN…), the active ingredients in marijuana, by infusing them into substances like butter, oil, alcohol, or milk fats.

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Cannabis-infused Recipe: Aunt Sandy's Cannaflour

"This cannabis flour is a great accent to normal flour for recipes that require breading, such as fried chicken. Or it can be a great garnish, as well. It has milder effects but can be a tasty and effective additive to a number of recipes." - Aunt Sandy

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Have You or A Loved One Benefited From Medical Cannabis?

Share your story with us! Email us at for more details. Our new blog series, "Hopegrown Spotlight," lets cannabis patients share how medical marijuana has improved their quality of life. Your story might be featured in one of our weekly blog posts! Share anonymously if you want, our hope is that your story might inspire others. Help us make a difference. We want to hear from you! #HopegrownSpotlight

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