Blog posts in May 2016

How to Craft a Cannabis-infused Cocktail

Drinking healing cannabis concoctions dates back thousands of years... Now, Warren Bobrow, a modern mixologist and author has decided to “unleash the power of the early apothecary” in his upcoming recipe book and has given us a sneak peak at the Mezzrole Cocktail recipe...

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Killer Pills: Illegally Alive Showcases How Cannabis Could Fix America’s Opiate Epidemic

Chloe Summers reports on a recent demonstration by The Marijuana Times at World Cannabis Week in Denver which brought attention to the deadly opioid epidemic that’s killing men and women of all ages. The movement is called “Illegally Alive” and it serves by showing, through facts and personal stories, how having the option of legal, medical cannabis can prevent opioid-related deaths.

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The Entourage Effect & the Power of Whole Plant Cannabis

Do you prefer a medicinal herb to a pharmaceutical drug? If you’re like me, when possible, you go for the most natural option – the “whole plant,” rather than isolated components or a mere portion of the plant. Yes, there’s a place for pharmaceutical drugs in some circumstances – and we’re grateful for them when we feel they are the best option. However, when we take into account the list of scary potential side effects...

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