Blog posts in February 2016

Former Attorney General Eric Holder Declares His Support for Rescheduling Marijuana

In a detailed PBS interview published Tuesday, Former Attorney General Eric Holder said marijuana should be rescheduled. Marijuana is currently listed under Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, a category relegated to drugs that have no safe medical uses and extremely high potential for abuse and addiction. Placement in this category has made domestic research into the effects of marijuana extremely difficult and often impossible...

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Smoke Report: Amnesia Lemon

We are excited to introduce a new regular contribution to the blog: strain reviews by Barry of Big Bear Cannabis! (He calls it a #SmokeReport.) This first report is about Amnesia Lemon, a sativa-dominant hybrid with an uplifting high. Read on for Barry's insights into this popular strain...

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Switching from Pills to Cannabis - an excerpt from The Secrets of Medical Marijuana

Here, at this junction of my recovery, is the pivotal truth of why I see the medical benefits of using cannabis selectively and carefully. Opiates took away my appetite. Benzodiazepines as muscle relaxants (Valium, etc) made me so relaxed that I had no need to try and do anything for myself. And the “benzos” require higher and higher doses as my body became tolerant and used to them. I was almost “skin and bones”...

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