Massachusetts Medical Marijuana

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The registering and renewal process for patients of the Medical Use of Marijuana Program is all done on the MMJ Online System. Before going to the MMJ Online System, please click the links below to find out everything you need to know about registering and renewing as a patient of the Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

How to Register with the Medical Use of Marijuana Program: Instructions for Patients This document was issued originally by the Department of Public Health (DPH). As part of the transfer of the medical-use of marijuana program on or before December 31, 2018, the Commission adopted this document. We suggest that before you rely on the contents of this document, you check the applicable medical-use marijuana laws, which include M.G.L. c. 94I and 935 CMR 501.500, as they may provide or clarify the legal requirements related to this document. We also suggest that you periodically check for revisions to this document. Questions with regards to this document may be directed to

Preparing for Registration

Before registering in the MMJ Online System, you will need to gather the following:

Access to a scanner or a mobile phone or other device capable of uploading documents;

Your PIN, as provided to you by your health care provider, and emailed to you by theProgram, after you are certified; valid form of identification (as explained below);and

A photograph of yourself (as explained below).

Valid Form of IdentificationValid forms of identification include one of the following:

Massachusetts driver's license;

Massachusetts ID card (with a photograph of yourself);

U.S. passport and another document that proves your Massachusetts residency; or

U.S. military ID and another document that proves your Massachusetts residency.If submitting a driver’s license or ID card issued by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles: If you submit a driver’s license or Massachusetts ID card as your valid form of identification, the name and address you submit on your application must match the name and address on your driver’s license or Massachusetts ID card. If it does not match, your application will be returned to you for further clarification. For more information on how to update the name and address on your ID, contact the RMV, or visit their website at If submitting a passport or US military ID:If you submit a passport or US military ID as your valid form of identification, you must also submit a document that proves your primary residence (as outlined below). The name and address on your application must match the name and address on the document that you submit to prove your primary residence.

Submit one of the following to prove your primary residence:

Utility bill (gas, electric, telephone, cable, or heating oil), that is less than 60 days old and contains your name and address;

Current Massachusetts motor vehicle registration card with your current address;

Tuition bill with a due date of less than 6 months ago and addressed to your current address;

Car insurance policy or bill that is dated less than 60 days old;2

Home mortgage, lease or loan contracts dated within 6 months of today with your name, address and signature;

Certified U.S. Marriage Certificate dated within the past 6 months;

Property tax or excise tax bill for the current year with your name and address;

First-class mail dated less than 60 days old from any federal or state agency that displays your name and address; or

Current Massachusetts-issued Professional License with your address.

Photograph of Yourself

This photo will be placed on your Program ID Card. If you are using a Massachusetts driver’s license or a Massachusetts photo ID card, you may be able to use your RMV photo during the online registration process. If the Medical Use of Marijuana Online System is able to retrieve your RMV photo, you do not have to upload a separate photo of yourself.

If you are not submitting a Massachusetts-issued driver’s license or ID as your valid form of ID or the Medical Use of Marijuana Online System is unable to retrieve your RMV photo, then you must upload a photo of yourself.

Your photo must be:

In color;

A square photo in portrait/upright format;

Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background;

Taken within the last 6 months to reflect what you look like now;

Showing only your head and the top of your shoulders (see example below);

Taken looking directly at the camera held at eye level;

Taken with both eyes open, and without eyewear; and

Taken without any item that covers your face or head, except for religious purposes.A passport photo meets these requirements and can be obtained at any location that issues passport photos, such as a pharmacy, the post office, or a camera store. Alternatively, you may upload a photo from a cell phone camera if the photo meets the requirements outlined above.

Registration Process The Medical Use of Marijuana Online System is housed within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services Virtual Gateway (“VG”). You will first need to register with the VG and then with the MMJ Online System. You will be sent an email from VG during the registration process. We recommend keeping your email account open during the registration process so you can easily access this email. This email will contain a link that you will click on in order to finish the VG registration process. The link may expire as soon as seven (7) days after being emailed to you and is only valid the first time that you click on it.Be sure to keep your VG username and password. You will need your original username when you renew your registration.

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